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Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun

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Kamaldigiinfotech is a Leading Brand in providing Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun India, Offering Certifications in Dehradun for Fresher’s, Working Professional, & Business Owners. 

Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun India

Kamaldigiinfotech is offering Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun India to help you make a successful career in the trending digital marketing field. The advanced digital marketing training program starts with 12 essential modules, followed by 3 specialization programs in online advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing. Moreover, we also provide 2 Master Programs in Online Earning through Affiliate Marketing, Digital Sales Optimization and Freelancing.

Our strong commitment to providing quality learning makes us stand apart from the competition. We encourage each and every trainee to achieve excellence in all endeavours and aren’t satisfied until they meet their goals. Doing Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun will surely help you to build your career in the field of Digital.

Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun

Module 1: What is marketing?

Module 2: Overview of Digital Marketing

Module 3: Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Module 4: Why Digital Marketing?

Module 5: What is a Website?

Module 6: What is a Domain name?

Module 7: Domain name suggestion

Module 8: Default settings in WordPress.

Module 9: Types of websites.

Module 10: Benefits of using WP

Module 11: WordPress Installation

Module 12: Adding a menu to the website

Module 13: Pages and Subpages

Module 14: Categories, tags and Posts

Module 15: Managing Theme

Module 16: Adding menu to the website

Module 17: Theme settings and customization

Module 18: Add Google Analytics & Search Console code in WordPress

Module 19: Reset WordPress Password from PhP Admin

Module 20: Change your WordPress Username and Password through C panel

Module 21: Introduction to Search Engines

Module 22: How the search engine works?

Module 23: Google algorithms

Module 24: Latest updates in google

Module 25: Keyword Research

Module 26: What are keywords & Different types of keywords?

Module 27: Google keyword planner tool, Keywords research process, & Long Tail Keywords

Module 28: What is the difference between keywords stuffing & KW placement?

Module 29: On-Page Optimization

Module 30: Introduction to On-Page

Module 31: What is Google Search Console?

Module 32: Verification Process in Google Search Console

Module 33: Domain Name in SEO

Module 34: URL Optimization

Module 35: Website Speed

Module 36: Using Robot.TXT on site

Module 37: Canonical Links

Module 38: Off-Page Optimization

Module 39: What are Backlinks & Why Backlinks are Important?

Module 40: How to Get Backlinks?

Module 41: Difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks

Module 42: Directory Submissions

Module 43: Article Writing and submissions

Module 44: Press Release writing and submissions

Module 45: Blog Posting and comment

Module 46: Blog Posting and comment writing

Module 47: Social Bookmarking

Module 48: Social Media

Module 49: Do’s and Don’ts of link building

Module 50: Social Media Submission Sites

Module 51: ORM

Module 52: How to check ORM

Module 53: Weekly Audit Reporting

Module 54: What are Google Ads?

Module 55: Google ads account structure

Module 56: Google ads types

Module 57: Billing and payments

Module 58: Ad Ranking and Quality Score

Module 59: Keyword research

Module 60: Ad Extensions

Module 61: Audience and location targeting

Module 62: Bidding and Auction

Module 63: Conversion setup and conversion actions

Module 64: Remarketing setup and remarketing lists

Module 65: Google Display Network

Module 66: Video Ads (GDN and YouTube)

Module 67: Client Reporting

Module 68: Introduction to SMM

Module 69: SMM vs SMO

Module 70: Benefits of SMO

Module 71: Why use Social Media Marketing

Module 72: Impact of Social Media on SEO

Module 73: Facebook Marketing

Module 74: YouTube Marketing

Module 75: Twitter Marketing

Module 76: LinkedIn Marketing

Module 77: Email Marketing

Module 78: Google My Business

Module 79: Affiliate Marketing

Module 80: Digital Marketing Funnel

Module 81: Google AdSense Concept, how to earn money online

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