September 3, 2019

About Us

We provide our costumers Digital Marketing, SEO, Word Press Blog, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing and Web Development and many more. We help customer to represent there product/services/brand on search engine page .

KamalDigiinfotech also provide Complete Educational Training in Digital Marketing in Uttarakhand (specifically Haldwani, Haridwar, Dehradun, Pauri Srinagar,Rishikesh and Kashipur). Also we provide internship to students who want to make there career in Digital Marketing.

We uplift the rank of your any website in Search engine whatever domain you want us working. We sell and advertise online and generate more traffic and ROI using Social Media Markeing. If you are a B2B Player we can do lead generation for you through E-mail Marketing and LinkedIn Marketing. We provide Marketing on social media platform like Facebook, Link din, Instagram, Twitter, and many other online platform. Social Media marketing help your brand or product to scale and reach out to your untouched potential costumer.

Earlier advertising for local business was through Traditional Marketing which include TV advertisement, Radio, newspaper advertisement,etc. As in Traditional Marketing costing is more and output is very less according to input. This is the reason why digital Marketing came into existence. We all are aware that world is quickly moving to digital way of functioning from traditional way. People are aware of the role of Digital Marketing & prefer to consume digital content, and businesses that have not yet perceived. Digital Marketing in their advertising systems need to habituate as soon as possible. Digital modes of communication and marketing are more adaptable, quicker, quantifiable and result-driven. Benefits of Digital Marketing are applicable to both marketers as well as the customers. To the reasons why digital marketing is important for your business click on the link.